Urological Center in Kiev Medical Center “Alternativa”

Stress, a sedentary lifestyle and poor ecology cause many diseases, including urological ones. Many of them have a hidden form. And men turn to a doctor when it is already completely impossible to endure inconveniences (pain, itching, burning, etc.). Therefore, every man (especially after 25 years) needs an examination by a urologist at least once a year. This is if nothing bothers you.

Diseases that do not manifest themselves in any way at first, over time, can cause not only physical inconvenience, but also problems with erection, urination and other diseases, including cancer. Thus, an annual consultation with a urologist is a guarantee of men’s health!


Directions of specialists

Consultation with a urologist / repeated within 2 weeks
Diagnostics of the whole organism at the Medical Expert Complex with an initial consultation with a doctor / repeated diagnostics
Finger examination of the prostate
Collection of prostate secretions
Prescribing an STD treatment regimen
Prescribing a treatment regimen for spermatogenesis disorders
Instillation of the urethra, husband (without material cost)
Instillation of the urinary bladder, women (without material cost)
Blockade of the spermatic cord (without material cost)
Placement of a catheter (without material cost)
Replacement of the cystostomy catheter (without material cost)
Bougie of the urethra
Prostate massage
Bladder catheterization
Electromagnet for the pelvic area
Rectal laser therapy
Vibroelectromagnet rectally
Micro enema (without material cost)
Mud therapy (without material cost)
LOD therapy, 1 session
Removal of the glans penis in children
Reduction of the glans penis with paraphimosis (bloodless)
Penile body injections
Saline with ozone-oxygen mixture
Intra-drip drug administration (excluding drug costs)
Coagulation of genital warts
Intestinal purging with ozone-oxygen mixture

The most common urological diseases are:

– prostatitis;
– problems with erection;
– urethritis;
– phimosis;
– BPH;
– cystitis;
– pyelonephritis;
– infections that are transmitted by the urinary tract, etc.

In the medical center “Alternative” a urologist will hold an appointment to help maintain and restore the man’s reproductive health. The urologist will find out the causes of violations of puberty and sexual function, diagnose male infertility, endocrine syndromes, hypogonadism and other pathologies of erectile dysfunction.


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Advantages of diagnosis and treatment at MC Alternative:

– doctors who will find an approach to each patient, even in delicate situations;
– service at the highest level;
– all equipment is modern;
– no one will know about your visit – we are confidential;
– affordable cost of consultations, diagnostics and treatment.

You can make an appointment with our administrator for a consultation with a urologist in Kiev, find out all the details about admission, price and other information.


консультация уролога

A urologist in Kiev in the MC “Alternative” for the treatment of urological diseases use:
– intravenous ozone therapy,
– rectal insufflation with ozone-oxygen mixture,
– prostate massage,
– vibration massage,
– laser therapy,
– traction of the spine and lumbosacral region on the apparatus “Ormed-professional”,
– a program for cleansing the body,
– taking homeopathic remedies, etc.
Thus, immunity increases and the body itself helps to overcome this problem.

In the MC “Alternative” full diagnostics of the whole organism, as well as ultrasound and laboratory tests are used. On the unique apparatus of the Medical Expert Complex, a therapeutic diet is selected that will help to remove excess weight, normalize the work of internal organs.




Treatment program “Preparing for a planned pregnancy and IVF (in vitro fertilization) for married couples”
The reason for the inability to become pregnant and have healthy offspring is often the presence of parasites in the body (fungi, viruses, bacteria, worms and protozoa); disruption of the liver, intestines (constipation), which are often not paid attention to by patients with cysts, polyps, dysplasias, benign tumors, disruption of hormonal organs.
The goal of the treatment program is to detox the whole body at the cellular level, deworm the intestines, liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system without the use of chemicals using an alternative method, restore metabolism by launching natural self-regulation processes inherent in nature, with a further transition to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition
The treatment program is based on detoxification of the whole organism:
– cleansing of the large and small intestines, cleansing of the liver and gallbladder
– cleansing of lymph, blood, kidneys, skin
– herbal teas, ozonized water
– ozone therapy
– pressotherapy
– spinal traction
– phyto barrel
– Anticellulite massage
– daily visceral massage (internal organs through the abdominal wall) and back massage
– individual training in the technique of self-massage of the abdomen
– physiotherapy
– psychocorrection on CME 2 times a day
– consultation of a gynecologist-endocrinologist – consultation with a urologist
– consultation with a urologist
The cost depends on the length of stay in the clinic and the recommended treatment program
5 days – 85 000 grn/ 2500 euros
7 days – 102 000 grn / 3000 euros
10 days – 136 000 grn /4000 euros
14 days – 170 000 grn / 5000 euros
21 days – 238 000 grn / 7000 euros
28 days – 340 000 grn / 10,000 euros
The price includes:
1. Transfer from airport
2. Translator accompaniment
3. Coronovirus test (by PCR)
4. Stay in a room with all the amenities
5. Vegetarian food or juice therapy
6. Inspection:
Laboratory research
Ultrasound studies as prescribed by a doctor
Vascular Doppler ultrasound
Consultation of specialized specialists (nutritionist)
Consultation with a naturopathic doctor with diagnostics of reflexogenic zones
Analysis of the whole organism at the Medical Expert Complex (computer system for monitoring the quality of human life)
Consultation of the author of the methodology, the Chief Physician of the clinic of the Medical Center “Alternative”
Psychologist consultation
Ozone therapist consultation
Paid additionally:
– medical research conducted outside the MC “Alternative”
-consultation of a psychologist
– injection cosmetology
– hirudotherapy
– face and body cosmetology, and other services of the center
– excursion program
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