Many people have psychological stress on the nervous system and acquire chronic diseases.

The success of the treatment of acute and chronic neurological diseases at the Medical Clinic “Alternativa” is associated with an integrated approach used by our specialists.

Together with the treatment regimen prescribed to the patient by a neuropathologist, physiotherapeutic methods are used that not only enhance the effect of drugs, but also reduce their side effects on the body.

An integrated approach allows you to help the patient faster and more efficiently, accelerating recovery.

In the treatment of chronic diseases of the nervous system, a program of detoxification (cleansing) of the whole organism is included in the complex treatment. The nervous system, especially the brain, is very sensitive to intoxication. It recovers faster if the intestines are not prone to constipation, the liver filters the blood from toxins well and the lymphatic system works well.

Unique physiotherapy procedures, such as pressotherapy, ozone therapy, photon therapy, improve capillary blood circulation in the affected nerve area and quickly restore it, both in acute and chronic diseases of the nervous system. As a result, nerve nutrition is quickly restored, and impulse conduction along the nerve fiber is improved.

In our center there is a screening diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system and their causes, which is carried out at the Medical Expert Complex. Already at the initial appointment, the neuropathologist can test the patient for the presence of neuroinfections and, if detected, send the patient to laboratory tests and other examination methods.


Directions of specialists

Consultation with a doctor – neurologist
Analysis of the state of the whole organism at the Medical Expert Complex
Selection of recommended food products, lacking vitamins and minerals
Correction at the Medical Expert Complex
Ultrasound procedure
Doppler of the vessels of the neck and head
Vertebrologist consultation + medical session
Purification program for blood vessels (hospital)
Blood purification program (ozone therapy)
Traction of the spine, neck on the apparatus “Ormed-professional”
Phytoparosauna larch
Injection of the spine with an ozone-oxygen mixture
Spine correction

In the medical center “Alternativa”, a team of professionals successfully treats neurological diseases and neurological disorders in chronic diseases, such as:

Neurogenic urinary incontinence
Sleep disturbance
Sciatic nerve neuritis
Nervous tic
Increased excitability
Hyperreactivity syndrome in children
Astheno-neurotic syndrome
Delayed psycho-emotional development in children
Polyneuropathy of intoxication genesis
Neurological manifestations of herpes infection
Treatment of neurological complications after borreliosis (tick bite)
Alzheimer’s disease
Post-stroke rehabilitation
Headaches of various kinds, incl. migraine
Vegeto-vascular dystonia


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Benefits of treatment at the Medical Center “Alternativa”:

– Reception of doctors of the highest qualification category, with experience in a clinic and a hospital, as well as consultations of related specialists.
– A wide range of research methods (computer diagnostics of the whole body at the Medical Expert Complex, Doppler ultrasound of the neck vessels, laboratory tests, electrocardiography)
– The possibility of carrying out complex treatment in an outpatient center, hospital, day hospital: cleansing the body to restore the normal functioning of the liver, gallbladder, restore metabolism and timely remove toxins from the body.


When a patient comes to us with a disease of the nervous system, a doctor examines him and prescribes laboratory and instrumental diagnostics. Also, an important point of the examination is the analysis of the whole organism at the Medical Expert Complex.


Complex Medical Expert is a system for analyzing the state of all organs and systems and their interaction with each other. With the help of the Medical Expert Complex, toxic loads on the nervous system can be identified. These can be etiological toxins, industrial toxins, waste products of fungi, bacteria, worms and protozoa.

Most of all, the nervous system suffers from viral intoxication, since in the chronic course of neurological diseases, viruses settle on the nerve endings and the brain.

Often, a neuropathologist prescribes planned maintenance treatment schemes from year to year without taking into account the state of the gastrointestinal tract. Most often, these patients have a history of constipation, chronic cholecystitis, gallstone disease, chronic pancreatitis, fatty liver hepatosis, overweight, high blood pressure



In the MC “Alternativa”, first of all, a detoxification program is carried out, the purpose of which is to reduce the load on the nervous system from the gastrointestinal tract. Simple natural procedures are performed to reduce the level of intoxication.

Enemas, salt, soda, microclysters with ozonized oil.

Flushing of the entire alimentary canal with “mountain crystal”. This is liver dyubage, in which the maximum amount of toxins is removed from the gallbladder and liver, the detoxification function of the liver improves, and the toxic load on the nervous system decreases.


Physiotherapeutic procedures such as ozone therapy and pressotherapy are pathological treatments for diseases of the nervous system.


Ozone therapy is the introduction of an ozone-oxygen mixture into the circulation.

Ozonides act on the vascular endothelium and activate the production of nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator, i.e. will expand small vessels and capillaries. Thanks to this effect, the nutrition of the spinal cord and brain improves, the phenomenon of tissue hypoxia is eliminated. Favorable conditions are created for the restoration of the functions of the central nervous system. The ozone-oxygen mixture has an antiviral effect, i.e. it acts on herpes viruses, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr herpes virus, influenza viruses, measles, rubella, hepatitis, and other coronaviruses.

The mechanism of antiviral action is associated with the blockade of receptors by which the virus is introduced into the cell. The course of antiviral therapy consists of 8-10 procedures.



To improve the nutrition of the nerve, restore myelin fiber, injecting problem areas with an ozone-oxygen mixture is used.



The pressotherapy complex helps to complement and enhance the effect of detox – programs with ozone therapy.

Pressotherapy is a simple and effective method of restoring the nutrition of nerve fibers, removing tissue hypoxia, removing inflammatory processes, improving the delivery of hormones, vitamins and minerals to the problematic area of the nervous system, restoring organ functions.


фотонная терапия для ногPhoton therapy is used in a comprehensive technique for restoring the nervous system for psychoemotional unloading, reducing stress levels, combating polyneuropathy of the lower extremities, restoring all organs and systems by acting on biologically active points of the foot using the Su-jok technique.



Correction at the Medical Expert Complex allows you to analyze the state of various parts of the nervous system and, in compensation mode, restore the affected nerves, structures of the spinal cord and brain, and reduce the level of psychological stress on the body.

When drug therapy is combined with physiotherapy and detoxification, the effect of drugs is enhanced and their side and toxic effects are reduced





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