Olga Oleinik

Doctor: General practitioner, alternative medicine physician

  • Analysis of the state of the body at the Medical Expert Complex
  • Correction at the Medical Expert Complex
  • Selection of information products
  • Doctor-consultant in dietology (regulation of diet, preparation of individual programs for weight loss, patient management in the process of weight correction, analysis of body parameters using the Tanita analyzer)
  • Emergency medical care. Prevention, treatment, diagnosis
  • Service of patients of therapeutic, pediatric profile
  • Practical education of the population on the principles of healthy eating
Work experience

since 2018 – physician therapist at the MC “Alternativa”

Place of work

Center for children and adults
Kiev, st. Nekrasovskaya, 3
т. +38 (098) 498-36-36

Electronic appointment

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  • In medicine for over 20 years.
  • Primary experience – m / s of pediatrics, physiotherapy (about 6 years).
    Lecturer on the principles of healthy lifestyle. As a doctor of emergency conditions, she began to work in Poltava in 2006, since 2012 she worked in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Yalta Alupka, 2014-15 – Dnipro, Kharkov. Teacher at medical schools (medical college, medical academy – gerontology, anatomy; massage school)
  • Therapist at home, in private and public institutions, sanatoriums.
  • Healthy Nutrition Consultant at Healthy Lifestyle Centers
Work experience:
  • Physician therapist. Drilling company, Poltava (Oil and gas works, drilling.) Personnel health monitoring. Organization of the first-aid post. Training in the basics of emergency care. Providing emergency medical care, escorting victims to a medical facility. Control over the sanitary condition of the catering unit and auxiliary premises. Carrying out preventive measures to control the level of blood pressure, heart rate in conditions of exposure to harmful factors.
  • since 03.2014 Therapist. Medical center, Kiev (home service, at the reception). Mobile team doctor
    from 08.2006 to 12.2015. KZOZ “TSEMD and MK”, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Yalta (Provision of IMP to the population)


Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy. General medicine. Specialization “Emergency Physician” since 2006, “Therapy” since 2015, Poltava. Specialization in therapy 2015, Poltava, UMSA



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