Allergy treatment

 Allergy treatment. Author’s programs

Allergy – scientists call it one of the most significant problems of the century. Allergy treatment is one of the most important areas in medicine. More than 33% of people have experienced some form of its manifestation. Some suffer from allergies much more often, which depends on the individual sensitivity of the body, due to the production of immunoglobulins and heredity.

Why do people become allergic?

It depends on the state of the immune system and the digestive system. The task of the immune system is to protect our body from adverse factors. The immune system is designed to respond in a timely manner to external stimuli (food, smells, pollen) and internal (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and toxins that are formed in the body as a result of metabolic disorders). The body perceives these stimuli as antigens – substances that are carriers of genetically foreign information. The immune system produces antibodies against them. Allergy is an overreaction of the immune system that causes a negative effect on one’s own body.

There are many mechanisms for the occurrence of allergic reactions. Therefore, allergy treatment requires a competent diagnostic approach and individual programs.

In its work, the collective of the Medical Center “Alternative” pays attention to the state of work of all internal organs, the cause of the disease and gives clear recommendations on nutrition and further health improvement at home. Allergy treatment requires an individual approach.

The medical center “Alternative” has developed author’s programs for the treatment of allergies.

Direction of specialists:

– Consultation of specialists (family doctor, gynecologist-endocrinologist, urologist, ozone therapist, functional diagnostics doctor)
– Diagnosis for allergens with a doctor’s consultation
– ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and kidneys
– Laboratory tests
– Analysis of the state of the body at the Medical Expert Complex
– Selection of food
– Ozonized water
– Enema procedures
– Ozone therapy
– Remedial gymnastics, back and neck massage

Author’s programs:

– Urticaria;
– Bronchial asthma;
– Adenoiditis;
– Tonsillitis;
– Neurodermatitis;
– Psoriasis;
– Dysbacteriosis;
– Allergic conjunctivitis;
– Chronical bronchitis;
– Helminthic invasion;
– Allergic rhinitis;
– Food allergy;
– Drug allergy


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The benefits of our approach to allergy treatment:

Allergy treatment begins with a diagnosis that allows you to identify more than 250 types of household, plant, industrial, food, parasitic, infectious allergens. The state of the immune, digestive and lymphatic systems on modern medical equipment: Medical Expert Complex. As well as laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and kidneys. The doctor individually selects the allergy treatment regimen for each patient according to the diagnostic results.

The program is aimed at increasing immunity. The immune system gets rid of toxins, GMO products, accumulated medicinal and household chemicals through a program of cleansing the body (intestines, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, lymph, blood).

Ozone therapy used in complex treatment has a direct anti-allergic effect. With its help, the blood is purified from toxins and allergens. Rehabilitation of the ear, throat, nose with an ozone-oxygen mixture will increase resistance to viruses and susceptibility to plant and household allergens.

Rehabilitation of foci of chronic infections is carried out: chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, pyelonephritis, cholecystitis, etc. create a toxic load on the body and maintain the state of allergies.

We pay attention to the condition of the intestines, constipation. With constipation, the body is poisoned with products of fermentation and decay of food, which leads to intoxication and provokes allergic reactions. The program pays great attention to the microflora of the large intestine and the restoration of absorption processes in the small intestine. In the villi of the small intestine, all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are absorbed, which helps to strengthen the immune system in the fight against allergies.




Treatment program “Allergy” includes the following complexes:
Purposes of the treatment program are:
– diagnostics of all types of allergens (more than 250 types);
– detoxification of the whole organism at the cellular level;
– remove toxins, pathogenic microorganisms and allergens from the body;
– remove chronic inflammatory processes;
– transfer the patient to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.
The treatment program is based on detoxification of the whole organism:
– cleansing of the large and small intestines, cleansing of the liver and gallbladder
– cleansing of lymph, blood, kidneys, skin
– herbal teas, ozonized water
– ozone therapy
– pressotherapy
– spinal traction
– phyto barrel
– Anticellulite massage
– daily visceral massage (internal organs through the abdominal wall) and back massage
– individual training in the technique of self-massage of the abdomen
– physiotherapy
– psychocorrection on CME 2 times a day
– consultation with a nutritionist using the “Tanita” apparatus
– “Foodlife” program – correction of food intolerances
An individual approach to choosing a treatment program.
Round-the-clock support by a doctor of the highest category
Additional techniques (hirudotherapy, osteopathy, face and body cosmetology, etc.)
Individual recommendations for further health improvement
The cost depends on the length of stay in the clinic and the recommended treatment program
5 days – 85 000 grn/ 2500 euros
7 days – 102 000 grn / 3000 euros
10 days – 136 000 grn /4000 euros
14 days – 170 000 grn / 5000 euros
21 days – 238 000 grn / 7000 euros
28 days – 340 000 grn / 10,000 euros
The price includes:
1. Transfer from airport
2. Translator accompaniment
3. Coronovirus test (by PCR)
4. Stay in a room with all the amenities
5. Vegetarian food or juice therapy
6. Inspection:
Laboratory research
Ultrasound studies as prescribed by a doctor
Vascular Doppler ultrasound
Consultation of specialized specialists (nutritionist)
Consultation with a naturopathic doctor with diagnostics of reflexogenic zones
Analysis of the whole organism at the Medical Expert Complex (computer system for monitoring the quality of human life)
Consultation of the author of the methodology, the Chief Physician of the clinic of the Medical Center “Alternative”
Psychologist consultation
Ozone therapist consultation
Paid additionally:
– medical research conducted outside the MC “Alternative”
-consultation of a psychologist
– injection cosmetology
– hirudotherapy
– face and body cosmetology, and other services of the center
– excursion program