Detox program-the way to health and beauty

ochicheniye-organizmaMedical Center “Alternativa” offers a unique program of body cleansing. The territory of the institution is located in Nekrasovskaya, 3, Kyiv, Ukraine.

All methods used are unique and available only in our medical center. In practice, they have been used for over 12 years.

You will get back a vital energy and you can forget about shortness of breath, heart pain, high blood pressure, headache, and lower back pain. Your sleep will normalize  and at the same time your mood will improve and your adaptation to stress will increase. There is a restoration and rejuvenation of the whole organism.

The body cleansing program is carried out under the guidance of highly qualified specialists of our center. It consists 10 days. You can come to us and you will be provided with accommodation and meals.

First 5-day course:

  • improvement of the psychoemotional state;
  • creating conditions for the full functioning of the immune and digestive systems;
  • the development of antiparasitic immunity;
  • normalization of the enzymatic activity of the gastrointestinal tract, partially of the kidneys, lungs and sweat glands;
  • restoration of the function of excretory systems;
  • complete release from toxins and parasites.

Tasks of the Second 5-five-day course

  • continued restoration of liver and colon functions;
  • improvement of the microflora of the colon;
  • exemption from toxins of blood, lymph, blood vessels and intercellular space.

Among those who are shown the passage of this program, there are people: after 30 years; overweight; take medication regularly; chronic diseases.

Doctors at the Medical Center «Alternative»  recommend you a program if:

  • you are after 30 years;
  • overweight;
  • take medication regularly;
  • chronic diseases.

Which includes allergies, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, dermatological diseases and heart diseases. In addition, a cleansing program is necessary for people suffering from constipation, dysbiosis, pancreatitis and hepatitis. A positive effect was noted in solving problems with conceiving and bearing a pregnancy.

Special offer valid for parents! Our medical center offers rehabilitation for children from 2 years. Within its framework, such programs as “Parasites”, “Allergy”, “Adenoids, tonsillitis”, “Prevention of frequent SARS” operate.

Medical Center “Alternative” can offer you comprehensive programs for cleansing and rejuvenating the body which includes:

  • Doctor’s  examination, Herbal teas, ozone therapy,  Ozonated water, Rectal insufflation, Hearing canal cleansing, blind enemas of the gallbladder and liver (Dubage), Cleansing of the small and large intestines (orthograde), Phytobarrel, Individual information therapy drugs (Antiparasitic homeopathic nibs),  food selection
  • Accommodation  in single, double and twins rooms. Meals is included.

Children’s treatment program for a child under 5 years of age with an antiparasitic program for 5-10 days (Compensatory correction using CME (Complex Medical Expert) , antiparasitic teas, rectal insufflations, ear insufflations with ozone-oxygen mixture, antiparasitic suppositories with information therapy)

Our medical center provides each patient with an individual approach, which implies the appointment of a treatment program according to its characteristics of the body.

The stationary course of body cleansing includes:

  • Consultations of such specialists as a therapist, pediatrician, alternative medicine doctor, ozone and information therapist, functional diagnostics doctor, urologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist.
  • Accommodation and accommodation.
  • Complete examination of the body, including blood and urine tests, ultrasound, ECG.
  • In-depth analysis of the patient’s condition using the CME (Complex Medical Expert) system, based on the method of spectral analysis. Thanks to CME, it is possible to analyze the presence of parasites, fungi and bacteria, and also possible types of allergens are determined. As a result, a list of food products necessary for life, as well as vitamins and minerals, is compiled.
  • A healthy diet based on a special salt-free and protein-free diet and juice therapy. Such a diet provides the most ideal conditions for cleansing, in particular, the liver is unloaded and excretory function is activated. Patients are advised to chew food thoroughly to avoid poor absorption and the appearance of bacteria in the large intestine.
  • Herbal teas that also help cleanse the body.
  • Orthograde washing with a “mountain crystal” of the digestive canal. Its main goal is to restore the absorption processes in the small intestine. This procedure is unique and significantly superior to other bowel cleansing methods.
  • Regular enema treatments with ozonated olive oil. They are necessary for leaching mucus and feces from the intestines. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic and antihemorrhoidal effects.
  • Ozone therapy, which is a new way of medical treatment, the purpose of which is to supply the body with oxygen, as well as purify the blood. The latter significantly improves its biochemical parameters. This method improves immunity, microcirculation, improves the quality of blood. This procedure is most effective for ailments such as hypertension, ulcers, atherosclerosis, and heart disease.
  • Therapeutic exercises based on breathing exercises. Helps to strengthen metabolic and recovery processes of internal organs.
  • A classic back massage with a collar area for healing the spine as well as relaxing.
  • Hepatic dubbing, which is the final procedure of the course. Its essence is to take a certain amount of olive oil and lemon juice, which leads to the elimination of stagnant bile.
  • Medical recommendations regarding the future way of life with the preparation of a diet.


  • Improving and rejuvenating the body
  • Cleansing the liver and restoring the digestive system
  • Getting rid of parasites and protecting them from their appearance
  • Improving sleep and getting rid of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Normalization of blood sugar
  • Spine recovery
  • Potency increase
  • Increasing the body’s defenses
  • Stabilization of blood pressure and heart function
  • Improving the condition of the skin and hair
  • Blocking the occurrence of allergic reactions
  • Weight Loss
  • Hormonal stabilization


  • The comprehensive program “EnergyInformotherapy, Rectal Insufflation, Reception of antiparasitic teas”

A deep analysis of the state of the body using the system allows you to evaluate the work of the whole body and find recommendations for further treatment.

Compensatory correction when using CME is indicated for most diseases and is highly effective due to the effect directly on the cause of the disease.

Thanks to the analysis of the results of CME, it is possible to develop a nutrition system with the inclusion of the most useful foods, vitamins and trace elements.

The course of intravenous ozone therapy (ozonized saline + BAGT)

The impact of these methods is aimed at activating the secretory function of cells of the inner lining of the vessels (endothelium), which saturate the blood with compounds that have antispasmodic, antithrombotic, fibrinolytic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. As a result, smooth muscle spasms and dyskinesias disappear, in hypertensive patients blood pressure decreases, blood becomes more fluid, blood flow in small vessels is also restored, fibrin protein is dissolved, which closes the capillaries with age. Due to this, blood saturation with oxygen increases, exchange-trophic and recovery processes in tissues improve. There is still the opportunity to ensure the flow of blood to the depleted areas and eliminate congestion and swelling. The functions of the liver, kidneys, sweat, sebaceous glands of the skin, the secretory apparatus of the intestinal mucosa increase, the effect of general detoxification increases.

  • pressoteratiyaPressotherapy course

In conjunction with the Detox program, additional treatment methods such as ozone therapy and pressure therapy are effectively used.

As result you will get:

Increase: activity and performance, mood, attention, intellectual abilities, immunity, potency, hormonal levels in women.

Improve: memory, vision, hearing, the state of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory, nervous, endocrine systems, skin and hair, joints and spine.

Reduce: the toxic load on all organs and systems, blood sugar in patients with diabetes mellitus, chronic fatigue, blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Our center provides a unique opportunity to successfully apply the therapeutic effects of ozone in the following branches of medicine: therapy, cardiology, surgery, rheumatology, immunology, neurology, gynecology, urology, cosmetology, gastroenterology, oncology and others.

  • Photon therapy

The therapeutic effect of the apparatus is based on the ability of electromagnetic radiation of the visible and infrared ranges of the spectrum (light) to enhance blood and lymph microcirculation, normalize blood rheological parameters (physical and biochemical) and normalize the functioning of the human immune, endocrine and central nervous systems

Intended for treatment: increase immunity; arthritis, arthrosis; fractures, burns; injuries of the upper and lower extremities; cerebral palsy; diabetic foot; trophic ulcers, angiopathies.

  • trakciyaThe course of spinal traction on the apparatus “Ormed – professional”, Chipping paravertebral points with an ozone-oxygen mixture

It is effective in the rehabilitation and prevention of diseases in patients with neurological manifestations of cervical, thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis, as well as osteochondrosis of the joints.



Allows treatment of spinal hernia WITHOUT SURGICAL INTERVENTION!

  • Vaginal insufflation with ozone-oxygen mixture course
  • Visceral massage course
  • General massage

Additional procedures for the body cleansing program


  • Recovery of potency in a 59-year-old patient after 15 years of absence
  • Patient losing weight by 28 kilograms per year
  • 20% improvement in blood supply to the legs on the 10th day of the program in a patient suffering from atherosclerosis obliterans of the lower extremities
  • Normalization of pressure after 3 years in a patient suffering from hypertension with indicators 220 to 160
  • Complete elimination of psoriasis in 3 months after completing two courses of the program
  • Victory over nocturnal enuresis in an eight-year-old child after 10 days of treatment
  • Speech restoration in a 6-year-old patient who had not spoken a word before.
  • Thanks to the efforts of our specialists, after a 2-week course, the child first said, “Mom, I love you!”
  • Complete disposal of the patient from hepatitis C using unique methods of our center
  • The onset of pregnancy and the birth of a child in a patient with obstruction of the tubes
  • Recovery of children suffering from poor appetite, tearfulness and anxious sleep in 2-3 procedures. The complete elimination of small patients from allergic rashes, neurodermatitis, fears and increased fatigue is also noted.


Detox program with accommodation and meals for 10 day 
The program includes the following complexes
Comprehensive program “EnergyInformotherapy № 10, Rectal Insufflation №10, Reception of antiparasitic teas №10”
The course of intravenous Ozone therapy (ozonir. Saline solution №4 + BAHT №4)
Pressotherapy course №10
Photon therapy course №10
The course of spinal traction on the apparatus “Ormed – professional” №10, Chipping paravertebral points with ozone-oxygen mixture №5
The course of vaginal insufflations with ozone-oxygen mixture №10  (for woman)
Visceral massage course №10
Transver, meeting and sending to the airport, escort of an interpreter
Price – General complex program with accommodation in 1 local for 10 days
Price- General complex program with accommodation in 2 local for 10 days
Supplement for a child under 5 years of age with treatment and nutrition according to the antiparasitic program of 10 days (Treatment of CME №10 (antiparasitic teas, rectal insufflation №10, ear insufflation with ozone-oxygen mixture №10, foton terapy № 20, Antiparasitic suppositories with information therapy № 5)



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Dates of stationary treeatment courses


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Dates of stationary treeatment courses


2 of September,  9 of September, 16 of September, 23 of September, 30 of September