Analysis of your body by 1 hour

The doctor uses the results of CME (KME) and makes a conclusion about  the current state of the human body and also reveals the possible presence of an ailment or a predisposition to it. The doctor also establishes the cause of such a physiological or psychological state, which helps to significantly reduce the time for a complete examination of the body and subsequent treatment. The use of CME (Medical Expert Complex) significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy, thanks to the selection of individual drugs and medicines.

You need to start an examination or treatment of the body: doctor’s consultation by CME + full body analysis (with decoding and recommendations) or analysis of the state of the immune system + laboratory tests.

CME is a device of a new generation, which distinguishes it from the instruments of classical Western medicine.

The advantage of using the CME apparatus

Two technologies – one system:

  1. Comprehensive express analysis of the human body.
  2. Influence on the activity of pathological processes – compensatory correction.

5 directions of analysis and correction of states using CME

  • Organ-tissue analysis: internal organs and body tissues;
  • System analysis: endocrine and immune system, metabolic processes, mental and emotional state;
  • Environmental analysis:  the possibility of the presence of allergens, geopathogenic loads; lack of vitamins, trace elements;
  • The cause-effect determination of the occurrence diseases: the harmful effects of toxins of viruses, bacteria and helminths; the presence of psychosomatic stress and stress factors; increased activity of toxins of various origins and others;
  • Selection of individually complementary remedies: homeopathic preparations of various types, isopathic remedies, herbal medicine, vitamins and microelements, physiotherapeutic methods, dietary supplements, diet food, mineral waters and other drinks.

CME assistance in the application of compensatory correction:

  • pathologies of a psychosomatic nature (stress, depression, neurosis, insomnia)
  • allergic manifestations
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases, obesity
  • pathology of ENT organs
  • urogenital disorders
  • respiratory system diseases
  • infectious diseases
  • examination of unique (uncertain) cases. Selection of optimal treatment methods for inconclusive treatment.


  • identification of a tendency to disease;
  • effective treatment to the painful stage, taking into account the main cause of the pathology;
  • selection of an individual course of rehabilitation and prevention.

The analysis by CME allows to establish existing diseases and the causes of their occurrence and to identify a predisposition to a particular ailment. This allows  quickly correct possible failures of the body and enhance its protective properties. Disease prevention using CME is very effective.

It is worth noting that the analysis and correction of the condition with the help of CME in children’s programs is painless and does not cause discomfort.

CME is significantly different from the method of bioresonance, which has proven itself not from the best side. Correction of uncomfortable human conditions by using  CME is not only high-precision but also not accompanied by unpleasant symptoms of the initial exacerbation of the disease.

 Advantages and technologies of CME:

Efficiency.  It takes a few minutes for a specialist  to scan all organs and systems of the body, analyze the state of the body, create a conclusion and select the necessary methods of therapy and drugs.

Completeness of data. Thanks to a comprehensive analysis, information on the functioning of all organs, systems and processes is collected simultaneously.

The complexity of the analysis. The doctor easily determines the factors that influence the development of the disease by using CME System.  In the future, this allows you to prescribe the treatment of the true causes of the disease, not its symptoms.

Absolute safety. CME does not have any negative effect on the body unlike fluorography and MRI diagnostics. When conducting screening  the CME operates in a passive mode without radiating anything. The use of CME technologies is completely safe for children and adults.

Patient/children comfort. No unpleasant or painful sensations. The analysis and correction procedure will go unnoticed for children without tears and fear.

At each visit to the doctor there is the ability to regularly monitor  the condition of the body and track the dynamics of its processes in connection with therapy.

Accuracy and impact. Compensatory correction allows you to precisely influence the causes of the disease without disturbing the functioning of other physiological processes.


Detox program with accommodation and meals for 10 day 
The program includes the following complexes
Comprehensive program “EnergyInformotherapy № 10, Rectal Insufflation №10, Reception of antiparasitic teas №10”
The course of intravenous Ozone therapy (ozonir. Saline solution №4 + BAHT №4)
Pressotherapy course №10
Photon therapy course №10
The course of spinal traction on the apparatus “Ormed – professional” №10, Chipping paravertebral points with ozone-oxygen mixture №5
The course of vaginal insufflations with ozone-oxygen mixture №10  (for woman)
Visceral massage course №10
Transver, meeting and sending to the airport, escort of an interpreter
Price – General complex program with accommodation in 1 local for 10 days
Price- General complex program with accommodation in 2 local for 10 days
Supplement for a child under 5 years of age with treatment and nutrition according to the antiparasitic program of 10 days (Treatment of CME №10 (antiparasitic teas, rectal insufflation №10, ear insufflation with ozone-oxygen mixture №10, foton terapy № 20, Antiparasitic suppositories with information therapy № 5)



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